the spa house night view san michele dining room night view

Cape Dream Stay luxurious villa rental accommodation offers 5 of the world’s most

unique and exclusive sea- and mountain side properties in Cape Town South Africa.

Come indulge and experience your ultimate vacation unlike any other

destination. These spectacular villas offer breathtaking views

and settings in Bantry Bay, Clifton and Hout Bay.

The Spa House – come and escape to this ultimate mountain side ,

breathtaking ultra-modern retreat Luxury villa in Hout Bay,this award-winning

architectural masterpiece in its private picture perfect setting is the perfect place to get away from it all.

Wixy, Kaldene and Fairhaven is the epitome of seaside living at its best.

These three villas are all located on one of Clifton’s most famous beaches.

San Michele – set high upon the rocks of Bantry Bay, overlooking the sea and

allows one to be swept away to the ultimate state of tranquility.

All our villas can be described as unique, modern, and

State-of-the art, which defines and set us apart as the

Leading luxurious villa rental offerings.